We exist to encourage American citizens

 who live in Mecklenburg and are Black,

to vote, and vote Republican


Our club was started by Lisa Matthews and a group of six like-minded individuals, represented in the 7 stars in the R of our logo.   The 401 is in recognition of the 401 votes out of 5 million that elected our Chief Justice and a reminder that our influence counts!  The stylized M elephant is the party mascot and the white slash and red shape on one leg is in homage to the Newsmax logo

The majority of us believe in these principles. While there is not consensus 

on every one, those individuals who agree on certain values will work together. =========================================================


We believe in religious freedom. In private and in public, everyone has the right to express their beliefs without recrimination or suppression or conform to secular standards.

We believe in strong voter integrity measures including Voter ID, signature verification, removal of the deceased, address changes, non-citizens, and others not eligible to vote from the rolls. We believe no changes to voting rules should take place less than six months before an election and only by legislation.

We believe in an individual's freedom of thought, speech, feeling, and expression. No one has the right to suppress anyone's opinion, expression, or feelings because they're offended. Our freedoms don’t end when other people's hurt feelings begin.

We believe that parents of K-12 students have a choice to send their children to non-government-run schools, including religious ones and have the school taxes they pay to support their child's education.

We believe the right to buy and carry arms and ammunition shall not be abridged.

We believe in strong border controls, both physical and legal, visa restrictions including H1B limits so American citizens have the best opportunity to find work and fulfill their American dream.

We believe in fair trade, thus supporting tariffs as a tool to negotiate beneficial trade agreements with other countries. 

We believe in supporting our military and our law enforcement. We also support reform and training that exposes and roots out those who abuse their authority. No one is above the law.

We believe in gender identification as supported by biology, as well as traditional gender roles.

We believe in identifying as Americans first, conservatives second. We consider any other physical trait insignificant.

We believe that racism exists, but we reject the idea that we need to continue to be emotional slaves to a past we didn't experience. Racism isn't over, but we're over racism. 

We believe in America's exceptionalism and preeminence as the best country on earth for personal freedom and opportunity. All people are born equal, but due to their efforts, don’t stay equal. We measure equality of opportunity as more important than equality of outcome.

We believe once their term is fully served, non-violent criminals deserve to have their full voting rights restored, expungement of their record.

We believe that life begins at conception and as such deserves the same legal protections from harm as children and adults. We are strong advocates of adoption.

We believe that the majority of decisions that affect individuals should be made at the county and state levels. We believe that even with emergency powers, no official has the right to extend their unenumerated powers beyond 30 days without the agreement of the Council of State and/or the legislature.  

We believe climate change exists and humans are a part of the solution. However, God is ultimately in control and our efforts need not be based solely on statistics without regard to costs. We believe in the science that melted ice doesn’t raise water levels.

We believe that taxes, especially sales tax, should not be raised for short-term projects. When tax increases are voted on at the ballot box, the initiative approved by the voters should be the only initiative that gets funded.

We believe that America should strive for energy independence and that all forms of energy, wind, solar, nuclear, natural gas, and oil can be part of the solution.

We believe in affordable health care for all citizens